Commercial office space that you can own in Singapore is limited, unless you are looking at acquiring the whole building.


Current Listings of Commercial Office Space for Sale or Rent


The opportunity to own your strata-titled Commercial office space comes from the above buildings.


With the success of Jurong Lake District in Singapore’s initiative to decentralise and create regional centres, Woodlands will be the next regional centre to be developed.


The first development in Woodlands is a mixed development by Far East, Woods Square.

Woods Square是兀兰的第一个发展. Woods Square是远东的综合发展 – 分层地契式办公楼,零售餐饮一应俱全.

Vision Exchange is the only Commercial building that offers strata-titled office space in Jurong Lake District.

Vision Exchange是裕廊湖区唯一提供有分层地契式办公楼的商业建筑。

Residential Property Cooling measures

To cool the Singapore residential property, the relevant authorities introduced several rounds of cooling measure, thus making an investment in Commercial properties a more viable option.


Why Commercial or Industrial Properties?

  • No ABSD
  • No SSD for Commercial properties
  • Lower SSD for Industrial properties
  • Generally higher rental yields as compared to residential properties


  • 没有ABSD
  • 商用物业没有SSD
  • 工业物业较低SSD
  • 普遍较高的租金回报率

Office Space for Sale or Rent – Contact Details

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