Interest Level at The Rainforest EC in Choa Chu Kang

[ Update on 16 Jul 2013 ] I am still receiving enquiry calls from interested home buyers for The Rainforest or EC in the West.  I’ve since written a blog on 26 Jun 2013 EC Sites in West for sale by HDB in 2013 to address this demand.

[Latest Update] With no more available units The Rainforest, you can check out on upcoming EC down the same street. Targeting for Dec 2015 launch, Wandervale EC by Sim Lian at Choa Chu Kang Drive is minutes’ walk to Choa Chu Kang MRT, and will also provide free shuttle service to Bt Panjang MRT station.

The applications received for The Rainforest, Executive Condominium in Choa Chu Kang, was almost two times the number of units to be sold.

The showflat saw a heavy crowd over the weekend, and at one stage cars were sounding their horns, due to the wait to get into the showflat car park.

Showflat is now closed.  For first time home buyers who did not register, and are still interested, please call me to make arrangement, as booking can be made immediately, after the booking exercise for those who registered, is completed.

For those who registered and has a ballot number, they have to turn up personally, or appoint a proxy to represent them, to book a unit tomorrow, 11 January 2011.

The interest level is pretty wide scale from my group of buyers, ranging from not interested to very interested.

I have a few interesting cases on my hand which I’m going to share.

The Rainforest EC in Choa Chu Kang Buyer Profile 1

One couple, whose wife has been following my blog, recognised me by my name when I introduced myself.

(Note:  Can I make a request to you if you are interested in any projects I blog about, to contact me? I would appreciate that very much!)

They’ve already booked Trivelis, and are thinking of giving up their option, and consider a unit at The Rainforest.

They were initially very interested in the EC in Choa Chu Kang, but because there wasn’t any news as to when it will be launched, they committed to a unit at Trivelis.

Naturally their question to me is ‘Trivelis or The Rainforest’?  They’ve also read my blog of 8 November 2011, on ‘Home Buyers to go for Resale flats, DBSS flats or Executive Condo?’.

My first response to them was the forfeiture of 25% on the 5% option fee they paid when they booked Trivelis.  To me, it is after all, hard-earned money, regardless of the sum.

They were also one of the lucky few who managed to ‘get their hands’ on the 5-room flat at Trivelis.

Since a purchase has been made, my opinion is that consideration should be given as to what type of lifestyle they are looking for.

Trivelis offers convenience in location, as it’s near town and educational hub in the west.  For info, there are limited units of 4-room flats available, plus several choice units of 3-room flats.

The Rainforest offers lifestyle, a nature reserve within the compound, and most units enjoy good views to the rich landscaping.

The Rainforest EC in Choa Chu Kang Buyer Profile 2

Another couple stays in the North, works in the East, registered their application.

What I share with them, which they agree, is that the location of their home must be convenient for them to travel to work.

The reason for them to put through the application is to experience the process of manual balloting and booking.

They are already considering the upcoming EC in Punggol town, Twin Waterfalls by Frasers Centrepoint, located at the junction of Punggol Fields and Punggol Way, walking distance of about 6 minutes, once the construction next to the MRT station is completed.

For information, the balloting exercise at Twin Waterfalls will not be similar to that of The Rainforest, where 2nd timers have to wait a 1 month period, in accordance to regulation, before they can purchase a unit.

At Twin Waterfalls, all interested buyers will wait for a period of approximately one month, and first time and second time home buyers will go through the booking exercise during the same period.

First time home buyers will still be given 95% priority, and second time home buyers 5%.  This should be reflected in the queue numbers, where only 5% of the 2nd timers will be given good queue numbers.

The Rainforest EC in Choa Chu Kang and Twin Waterfalls EC in Punggol Contact Details

Please leave a message at Contact Form or call Poh Lin at 96700937 for availablity in The Rainforest, Executive Condominium in Choa Chu Kang, OR

For eligibility checks or updates on the upcoming new launch of Executive Condominium (EC) in Punggol Fields, Twin Waterfalls, when they are released by the developer, Frasers Centrepoint.