Progressive Payment Scheme

For uncompleted projects, the developer generally collects payments from the buyer in accordance with the payment schedule specified in the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

This applies to private residential, executive condominium, as well as DBSS (Design Build & Sell Scheme).

Payment Schedule:

The general guideline of the payment schedule is as follows:

Option to Purchase granted                                        5%

Upon signing of Sales & Purchase Agreement         15%

Upon completion of:

– Foundation Work                                                     10%

– Reinforced concrete framework                               10%

– Brick walls of unit                                                      5%

– Ceiling of unit                                                            5%

– Electrical wiring, internal plastering,                         5%
plumbing & installation of door and
window frames

– Car parks, roads and drains serving the                    5%
housing project

– T.O.P (when developer is ready to hand                  25%
over vacant possession of the unit)

– On Certificate of Statutory Completion                     15%

Other Payments stipulated in Sales & Purchases Agreement

Besides the purchase price, home buyers must be made aware of other payments as stipulated in the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

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